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Mustafa Naqvi  Popular

Category: Start / General
he Creators' idea about this site was simply a random one. We basically wanted fellow Shias to know about the Muharram scene here in Dubai. Being a cultural melting pot, the city has its own share of various Imambargahs, each one standing out on its own. Azadari is brought about with great sanctity and fervor here, this is our effort to bring it out to the world. The site, being an experiment, we didn’t had the slightest of thought, of how popular it would become within a few weeks, and now the number of visitors has reached a mammoth size! Kudos to shia chat !
Added on: 22-Apr-2006 | hits: 3097
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Forgotten Paradise  Popular

Category: Start / General
loads of things to go through. cant decribe in 255 words. y dont u visit it urself. just click on the url.
Added on: 15-May-2006 | hits: 2762
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Lenjy Group of Companies  Popular

Category: Start / General
Try Al-Lenjy for a seamless business solution, Al-Lenjy is an enterprise with a capital 'L' when you talk of primacy in trade; yes you are talking of Al-Lenjy. Whether you are shipping a few items to a few dozen containers, allow us to expedite the process for you and save you money.
Added on: 22-Apr-2006 | hits: 2486
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Sukaina Parpia  Popular

Category: Start / General
Under Construction
Added on: 22-Apr-2006 | hits: 2417
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